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Under the epidemic situation, how to realize the economic

author:Shandong Yinosource:Number:2700dates:2020-09-27


Entering Shandong Yino biologic materials Co., Ltd., the eight big words of Party leading and culture cohesion came into the eyes of reporters.

Affected by the epidemic situation, in the first half of this year, most of the enterprises had poor performance and the speed of returning to work and production was slow. However, Shandong Yino Biologic materials Co., Ltd., located in Guyun Industrial Park, Shen County, Liaocheng City, not only keep did producing during the epidemic period, but also significantly increased the output value of the enterprise compared with last year, and the situation of prosperous production and sales appeared. How did the company achieve strong economic growth? Recently, the public network · poster journalists made a field visit.

Walking into the workshop of Shandong Yino Biologic materials Co., Ltd., the news reporter  saw that the staff in working clothes and disposable masks were busy, and the equipment on the production line was being produced orderly .The reporter learned that Shandong Yino Biologic materials Co., Ltd. is a private joint-stock chemical enterprise, relying on its excellent technology and products, now it has become a production base with a variety of professional chemical products, and ranks among the first-class suppliers of chemical raw materials.

The main person in charge of the party organization of the company told the reporter that the sudden outbreak of the COVID-19 has indeed brought many variables to the company's operation and development. How to create an stable new development situation in this epidemic situation has become a major test for the company. Considering in this way, the company decided to start from the three aspects: Party leading, safe production management and innovative development, which promoted the steady and rapid development of the enterprise. It can be said that adhering to the "party leading, cultuel cohesion" is a major internal factor of the company's adverse development during the epidemic period.


At the same time, the party building work has become a major factor to promote the company's high-quality development, and has been integrated into the company's production and operation and various works. Through the implementation of "12783" party building measures, the company has implemented the integration of Party building and enterprise culture construction, Party building and safety production management, Party building and team building. The phased effect is obvious, and the spiritual and enterprise outlook of the party members and staff are completely new. Therefore, the enterprise was rated as "two new organizations party building demonstration point" of the county and city.

2-methylfuran is an intermediate in the production of drugs to treat COVID-19, which is a major product of the company. Ma Zhanjun, director of production, told the reporter, during the epidemic period, we felt that Yino had a great mission. We should make well epidemic prevention and speed up the production pace, and make every effort to ensure supply. " At present, the main raw material of the company's products is furfural. In the critical period, in order to prevent production stoppage or reduction due to raw material supply problems, the company has built a new furfural production base in the industrial park at the junction of Henan and Shandong Province, which not only solves the problem of raw material supply from the source, but also takes a solid step in the development of the company's industrial chain." Ma Zhanjun said.

As to the reporter learnt, hydrogen is a major factor affecting the normal production. How can we ensure stable and enough hydrogen supplying in the critical period? Ma Zhanjun said that in order to prevent this problem, the company has done a lot of forward-looking work. First, it signed and improved the hydrogen supply cooperation agreement with two local large-scale enterprises Huaxiang Saltilization Co., Ltd and Huaxiang Petrochemical Co., Ltd., which solved the problem of hydrogen supply basically. At the same time, in order to prepare for unexpected needs, the company also opened a new hydrogen transmission pipeline from Huaxiang Petrochemical Company Ltd., which realized double insurance. Due to the company's scientific planning and strategic implementation, the company's production and operation was’t affected during the epidemic period, but achieved high-speed economic growth.

In addition, the company also attaches great importance to scientific research and innovation. This year, the company invested 12 million yuan to build R&d Center of Science and Technology, strengthening the R & D and quality control team. It has carried out “industry- university-research” cooperation with Zhengzhou University, Beijing Institute of petrochemical industry, East China University, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutions, and established a "joint R & D center".  With an investment of 10 million yuan, established "Joint innovation research base” and “Innovation experimental base for graduate students” with Zhengzhou University which has laid a solid foundation for the sustainable innovation and development of enterprises.


Zhanjie Liu, chairman of the company, introduced that in order to further realize capacity expansion and efficiency increase, the company also invested more than 30 million yuan this year to build a new project with an annual output of 5000 tons 2-methylfuran and a project with an annual output of 10000 tons 2-methyltetrahydrofuran. At present, the design and evaluation of safety and environment of the project have been completed, and the project construction is planned to be completed by the end of the year. And invested 6 million yuan to build a General Dispatching Center with 700m2, and realized the comprehensive improvement of automatic safety control. At the same time, the company also vigorously promotes 6S management and staff safety training, establishes the safety responsibility area of Party members and safety guarantee system of Party members, which promotes the improvement of safety management level of the company.

"In order to implement the improvement of environmental protection facilities, this year, the company invested 8 million yuan to cooperate with Zhejiang University to introduce the most advanced technology of" National Thermal Energy Research Institute "of Zhejiang University, and carry out comprehensive technical transformation and upgrading of the company's three waste treatment system, so as to make the company's environmental protection facilities operate stably and ensure that all emissions are absolutely up to standard." Liu Zhanjie said.

Reporters of Dazhong Net knew that,  Shandong Yino Biologic Materials Co., Ltd. is a member of private enterprises which is helped by Liaocheng High-quality development Service Team.

During the epidemic, the service team members always took the factory as their home, thought about the urgent needs of the enterprise, solved the enterprise's worries, and actively helped the enterprise to coordinate and solve the problems in the project construction.

It is the duty of our task force to "help enterprises meet their urgent needs". In the future, the working team will continue to adhere to the ideological principle of relieving difficulties and solving difficulties, make effort to help enterprises solve practical problems in their development, and escort enterprises to achieve stable and long-term development and sound development. Service team staff Chen Chenghua told reporters.