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Shandong a Nobel Prize is awarded Chinese small and medium enterprises innovation 100 strong

author: Shandong a Noelsource:networksNumber:83dates:2017-11-02

On December 21, the 10th China small and medium-sized enterprise festival, which is themed "adapting to the new normal and creating the future of innovation and entrepreneurship", opened in shenzhen. 
During the meeting, China association of small and medium-sized enterprises, Chinese enterprises innovation case authorized committee released 2016 annual results innovation competition, China's small and medium-sized enterprises in shandong province a Noel biomass materials co., LTD successful among the China top 100 small and medium-sized enterprise innovation, and outstanding member enterprise was awarded the China association of small and medium enterprises. Company founder Liu Zhanjie was invited to attend the meeting, communicate with experts share leadership, aimed at driving the development of industry, stimulate the enterprise vitality, with professional spirit and concept lead every growing enterprise make progress together. 
Shandong a biomass material co., LTD., set up in 2009, through years of development, the formation of furfuryl alcohol, 2 - methyl furan, four hydrogen furfuryl alcohol, 2 - methyl tetrahydrofuran, levulinic alcohol products chain, such as production base. Adhering to the tenet of "quality first, reputation first", the company keeps the contract and the integrity management, and has a group of well-cooperated domestic and foreign customers. 
Shandong a China small and medium enterprises association excellent member enterprises 
China association of small and medium-sized enterprises to promote small and medium-sized enterprises in independent innovation, energy conservation and emissions reduction practice, improve the independent innovation ability, enhance energy conservation and emissions reduction effect, improve the overall quality, to achieve sound and rapid growth of innovation (projects), the organizers will recommend the innovations of the preliminary examination of provinces and cities, and the public, diagnosis, review and related experts, and by the Chinese enterprise innovation cases authorized committee after the examination and approval, lasted past time the results finally. 

The recognition, is not only the praise to a Noel biological innovation achievements, is also a spur to, then, a Noel biological will with the recognition as a new starting point, the honor as a new power, as always, follow the "pragmatic, integrity, efficient and innovative" purpose, adhering to the "good, dare to bear, people-oriented, innovation and development" concept, with unremitting efforts and struggle compose a new chapter in biomass materials co., LTD. Shandong