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Shandong environmental protection: what situation will be environmental friendly talk?

author:Shandong a Noel source:networksNumber:44dates:2017-11-02

As a kind of administrative measure to supervise the lower level of communication, it has been carried out many times in the field of environmental protection and has achieved remarkable results. In recent years, the ministry of environmental protection has talked about the government of jining, linyi, Texas and zibo. Provincial government for rectification of environmental violations construction project problems, questioning of zaozhuang, yantai, government, liaocheng city in shandong province department of environmental protection in view of the prominent environmental problem, repeatedly questioning about the city and county (city, area). After being interviewed, the city, county (city, district) immediately action, focus on solving outstanding environmental problems, complete the interview request, all achieved better results. 
A government executive meeting of the principle of shandong province by the shandong province environmental protection measures for the interview, when a year one of six kinds of situations of environmental quality deterioration, the provincial government will be on the municipal government is primarily responsible for comrades questioning on environmental protection. 
Determine, in shandong province environmental protection the body of the interview for the provincial government leading comrades, questioning the object is not environmental protection responsibilities on environmental responsibilities or not in place of the municipal government is primarily responsible for comrade, the main content of the interview to warn the conversation and points out related problems, put forward rectification requirements and supervise and urge the rectification. Entrusted by the provincial government, the provincial environmental protection bureau (the city and district) government is mainly responsible for the comrades. According to the "method", one of the following six kinds of situations, the interview should be environmental protection, i.e. annual environmental quality deterioration, the provincial government issued the unfinished task of annual environmental quality improvement, and not completed the provincial government issued its annual key pollutant total amount control tasks, major, special major emergency environmental accidents, public reflects a strong, outstanding environmental problems affecting social stability, there are other need to interview the prominent environmental problems. The party concerned shall, within 30 days after the date of the meeting, make a written submission to the provincial environmental protection office and the relevant departments, and the provincial environmental protection bureau shall check with the relevant departments for the implementation of the contract. 
The interview for environmental protection measures in shandong province, aims to further implement the government at all levels environmental quality of main body responsibility, their respective administrative areas to effectively solve the prominent environmental problems, improve the environmental quality, systematization and standardization will be questioning of environmental protection work. 
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