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Shandong province to take the speed to implement the environmental supervision and correction

author:Shandong a Noelsource:networksNumber:43dates:2017-11-02

The central third since inspectorate to environmental protection, shandong departments at all levels to the problem is not to avoid, not conceal, conceal one's faults, whitewash, supervision, acceptance, while is investigated, while the rectification, ensure that a firm, resolute, effective problem is corrected. 
There are seven cities in the beijing-tianjin-hebei air pollution transmission channel, and the regulation of air pollution is of great significance. Environmental planning research institute of shandong province advanced work division Peng Yanbo told the media: "we put as the first task to complete for the control of air pollution, to 
solve the problem of our industrial structure and energy structure, and further solve the motor vehicle pollution, comprehensive pollution. In these ways, we will respond to the concerns of the people." 
High population density, large economic aggregate and heavy economic structure, this characteristic determines that shandong must implement the most stringent environmental management system. "Take the problem rectification as a major political task." The relevant person said. 
Be forceful but not "one-size-fits-all". Recently, shandong province has to pay attention to the problem rectification work of several issues to notice. Of 
is closely related to the mass production and living of livestock and poultry breeding, the family of small 
processing centers, the masses of life need to small businesses, as well as timely response to the part of the 
reasonable environmental protection demands of the masses, to give attention to both the normal production and 
life of the masses and their quest to establish a long-term mechanism of the problem is corrected, the effective 
guarantee mass employment and increasing farmers' income, not simply a closed, a split it. 
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